Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been Busy - Will Write

Sorry about my lazy posting, here and on other online places I live :) ... I've just been really busy lately!

There are some big changes happening around here, one of which is I am going to work on my business full time in 3 months. Yes, three! There are going to be some major website overhauls (as much as my HTML and Photoshop knowledge will let me achieve) and a proper online shop for both my businesses. I have no idea where I am going to get time to make product in the next three months (but when I am unemployed/self-employed there will be puh-lenty of time)... I am sure I will manage somehow!

I have been reading a lot about quitting your day job to pursue self-employment. One thing I wish I had was a mentor in a similar industry. I am not sure how to go about getting that, or how much it would cost. I have been getting my head around cashflow, stocktake, tax reporting requirements, aaaaalll the red tape that goes with opening up a cosmetics business in Australia, and also importing regulations. It's one fun, interesting and frustrating ride! (the red tape stuff is especially frustrating, as I am sure many Aussie businesses will attest to!)

I have been selling product on the side for quite a while now, even my raw ingredients - I am surprised as I don't advertise it, which is nice to know that if I actually start to get my name out there I may actually start to get the business wheels turning properly! One hurdle is cashflow. I have now taken on a full time job to make sure my credit cards are in the black (as much as they can be!) and to free them up for the rainy days that I am sure will be ahead. One small step for man... one ginormous leap for the business! Leaving a comfy, stable job in pursuit of my goals is one big hurdle I've overcome. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my employed life. I believe in this business, my ethics and my products enough to be sure that I can survive on my business alone.

Some things to look forward to that are in the works:

  • Imported unrefined Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter from East Africa.
  • Mineral Make-Up supplies, one of the biggest choices for colour in Australia (my goal).
  • Imported oils that are hard to find for sale in Australia eg. Abysinnian oil
  • A wide variety of cold process soaps for sale.
  • My YUMMY emulsified sugar scrubs. My Warm Vanilla Sugar ones (Brambleberry) were a huge hit over Christmas. I love emulsified sugar scrubs and the process of making them!
  • Hair Conditioner (Shampoo will be coming, once I perfect my recipe!)
  • Shea & Jasmine Lip Balm - all natural. This one is a JubuK Specialty Recipe :D
  • Massage oils are TDF!
  • Doggy pampering products - because goggys deserve to be spoiled rotten too!
  • Eventually.... a line of mineral-makeup. (already have a name for it!)
It will be at least 3 months before I am into full time production on these things, so thanks for your patience!

Here are some websites I currently have open in my browser, in regards to the transition from being comfortably employed and worry-free (well in regards to the next paycheck anyway!) to being self-employed:

Maybe You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job

How Many Bars Of Soap Per Month For A Living? - The Dish (makes for an interesting read - it's important not to forget to pay yourself when pricing your products)
Is It Your Goal To Quit The Day Job?
Are You Treating Your Home Business As A Hobby?
Handling Fear In Your New Business

Generally I have found the Flying Solo website is an awesome online resource. This was later reinforced when meeting with a Small Business Development facilitator who suggested I visit that website!

I know this post is a bit business-y and I do apologise - it's what's been on my mind lately! I'll update more often, as long as this new 9-5'er doesn't completely drain me (data entry computer-work - very very draining when done 8 hrs/day 5days/week)!

Take Care :)