Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alkali Soaps Have Arrived!

I received my Alkali soaps today!

They are just as gorgeous as they look in the picture. And they smell delish too!

I'm hopeless at describing scents but here it goes:

Georgia is on the left, it's the same one that was used in the picture on their website! It is just as vibrant in real life as it is in the picture. It smells sweet and fruity.

Drizzle on the right is a hard one to describe! It smells feminine bordering on unisex scent. It smells foody but isn't a foody scent, and smells floral but not quite floral. There might be a slight hint of musk in there. Whatever it is I like it :)

I received two samples as well :) Equinox (left) is a spicy scent, but not manly spicy, actually it reminds me of BB Country Sleigh. Omen on the right smells masculine, but I'd happily use it! Close up I can see some sparkly mica in the swirl. And if you don't already know, I LOVE micas. I shouldn't publicise this, but sparkly things are my Achilles heel!

The perfumes are on their way, they were shipped last week. I bought my mum some natural perfume samples a couple of Christmas's ago, and have been meaning to buy myself some since then. I can't wait for them to arrive!


France said...

How gorgeous are those? I wouldn't use them, I would just want to look at them!!!!! I love her Miro one too! She has definitely developed a unique style!!!

Justine said...
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Justine said...

I just CAN'T use the Georgia soap now she has entered a photo of that exact one into the Saponifier contest!!

I'm using Drizzle now, and the design is still on there! I'm trying to use the other side of the soap :)

Her bar soaps are really big, so last for ages. I didn't realise how big they were til I used it!