Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FaerieMade Is Faerie GOOD!!!!!

I received my lovely perfumes last Thursday, the day after Alkali soaps. Postage from the US was only a week for standard postage, how good is that! I was also lucky to receive 3 sample soaps, scented with essential oils only and using natural colours:- Ginger Lime, MoonLady's Ocean, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus.

Ginger Lime is a really nice blend, different, but I think the amounts of ginger and lime are right. I tried to make this essential oil combination a couple of years ago but was a bit heavy-handed with the ginger, resulting in very err.. the only word for it is "gingery"... soaps. A bit overbearing for the shower. FaerieMade's blend is a light ginger with the right amount of lime to balance it out.

Tea Tree Eucalyptus, a very self-explanatory blend! Herbal and refreshing. (very antibacterial as well if you wanted to know!)

Moonlady's Ocean... now as I have said previously I'm not good with scents (it does help when the soap name gives the scent away!) ... it smells citrusy and flowery/herbal. I really like it.

I am absolutely inwith FaerieMade perfumes. I know how much time, work and effort it takes to make a synergistic blend let alone a blend limited to only essential oils, resins etc. I am very impressed!

The perfume blends are Chandon Rose, Sandalwood Amber and Wild Bergamot.
Chandon Rose surprisingly doesn't smell like a rose (to me). I would definitely class it as floral though but a fresh funky floral, not an older woman's floral. It smells slightly herbal and flowery. This is as much as I can explain the scent! It is a well-rounded blend, and really nice. Also, it is green! (I heart green).
Sandalwood Amber definitely has more base notes and stays longer on the skin than the other two. It is a sexy blend as you could imagine. It has a warm 'feeling' to the scent. Straight Out-Of-(the)-Bottle (OOB) it smells so freakin good, but once it's developed on MY skin (not necessarily anyone else's) I feel it doesn't suit me. But that is JUST ME. Perfumes are very personal things!
Wild Bergamot is very citrusy and once developed really becomes something! OOB it was my least favourite, but it really suits me. It is fresh, clean, citrusy. It is wonderful to put on straight after a warm shower.

(L-R: Wild Bergamot, Chandon Rose, Sandalwood Amber. Soaps T-B: Ginger Lime, Moonlady's Ocean, Tea Tree Eucalyptus)

My scent preferences OOB:- Sandalwood Amber followed by Chandon Rose then Wild Bergamot. The funny thing with perfumes is that on every person the scent changes!! Once I'd actually worn them on three different days, my preferences changed to Chandon Rose followed by closely by Wild Bergamot and Sandalwood Amber. Funny! The business owner, Tina, informs me that Sandalwood Amber is her biggest seller, and I can see (smell) why.

I think I'll definitely be purchasing a larger sized bottle of Chandon Rose. How many perfumes can you buy in a store that are all natural, smell this good and are green?! AWESOME! :)


France said...

oooh, that sounds like it smells sooo nice! All of them!!!!!
what fun to still get presents (even if you have to pay for them, I have to pay for all MY presents!) after Christmas!!! *grin*

Justine said...

It is fun!! I love coming home to a parcel waiting for me :)

For the price I think they are well worth the spend. Natural perfumes aren't like your typical store-bought (chemical laden) perfumes, but they are gorgeous nonetheless!