Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Bath Bomb Test

Here's the bath bomb test I did a few nights ago!

I added cosmetic glitter because I was hoping for a glittery bath. Perhaps if I had put it in a real bath it would have worked better. Unfortunately my bath has taken a beating from renovating the bathroom and I am afraid it may have a few holes in the lining *cry*
I haven't had a bathroom with a bath (unless you count the last bathroom which had a kid's size bath and I am not a small person so would have been very uncomfortable!) for many many years so I was very excited to be moving into a place with a bath! Especially since I LOVE bath bombs and bath salts!

I think my brother Simon will kill me if I keep on asking him to do things for me around the house! But what else are little brothers for eh? :) I guess this one's gonna have to wait for a while though, at least until my fence is finished! :D

Back to the bath bombs ...luckily the colourants were easy to wash off, as soon as I tipped the water out so am happy giving them away as presents :)

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