Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Handbound Books on Etsy

It's that time again... 1:30am and I am still awake! I should have been in bed at least 2 hours ago. I'm trying REALLY hard to go to bed before midnight! (unsuccessfully as you can see)

Just wanted to share an awesome etsy find. I LOVE anything stationery-like (my bestie will attest to that, she is worse than me!) and this crafter deserves a mention. Handbound journals! OMG I am in stationery heaven.

Okay so you might not all get as excited as me about stationery. Still worth checking out though!

My Handbound Books

I am loving the Blue Distressed Leather Journal.

*yawn* off to bed. Just had to tell/write and let someone know at this ungodly hour!

Big day tomorrow ... found out the ATO has cancelled my ABN (Australian Business Number) ... so first thing in the morning I'm off to the tax office. I only spoke with them on Friday re:updating details. Now it is cancelled?! Oi vey!


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